We are specialists dedicated to safeguarding public entities.

We make it our business to understand everything that makes your community unique and to deliver the customized protection and services to help keep it that way.

Your Partner in Public Entity Insurance

Specialization is more than a job title, it’s a quality earned through a daily focus on a particular business. In our case, safeguarding your community. Our deep knowledge of the public sector means we’re uniquely qualified – and committed to – your success.

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From the Blog

Sledding Hills: Know the Risk

November 28, 2016
Winter is upon us and snow is soon to follow. Unfortunately, snow creates hazards not only on the roads, but in many unexpected places in your public entity. For instance,[...]

Holiday Marts: Know the Risk

November 21, 2016
Holiday marts have already begun popping up all over the country. They’re a long-standing tradition showcasing arts and crafts for purchase. If holiday marts are a common event at community[...]