Personal Use of Public Entity Vehicles

OneBeacon Government Risks
March 18, 2015

What Are Your Policies On the Personal Use of Government Vehicles?

This is an excerpt from an article published in the March 2015 issue of Public Risk Magazine.

Local governments often issue their employees company cars for use for work-related travel. Sometimes personal use of these vehicles is sanctioned for specific jobs, such as local law enforcement or municipal works, but other times employees simply use the vehicle for personal reasons due to lack of supervisory or other oversight, which can expose local governments to multiple liabilities.

So while government entities can see numerous benefits by allowing employees to use cars for personal use as well as work, they must also consider risks that may be involved and ensure specific policies and procedures outlining use of company vehicles.

In OneBeacon Government Risks’ latest published article “Personal Use of Public Entity Vehicles,” Aaron Stone details Law Enforcement Use and General Municipal Use for local government vehicles. The article further explains how personal use can create claims the entity often has to take responsibility for if the employee is found at fault.

Don’t miss the opportunity to read how your public entity can avoid or mitigate the risks associated with the personal use of your local government’s vehicles! We encourage Public Risk Management Association (PRIMA) Members to access the article here.

Aaron Stone is the Vice President of Claims for OneBeacon Government Risks. He is also the author of “Third-Party Administrators: What Public Entities Need To Know,” which can be accessed here.